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Perth Escape Rooms

Picking a room that is too difficult

Most teams think that picking the most difficult room on offer is the way to go. We know, everyone want to be mega awesome and escape the hard rooms – we get it. But, you know what’s even cooler than just trying the hard rooms? Actually escaping.

Now sometimes you might be lucky or maybe you have an awesome escape crew, but in all honesty… we see a lot of failed escape attempts so I think we know what we’re talking about.

Not keeping inventory of what has been completed and with what items

Ok escapees (or yet-to-escapees), this is something we see all the time. Team mates will attempt to use items that have previously been used to open puzzles, wasting time and confusing the rest of the group. You’d be surprised how many times we see teams holding onto a key piece of the puzzle and not even using it because no one is keeping track!

We PROMISE, if you start keeping track of what you’ve used and what you haven’t, you’re going to start getting somewhere real quick.

Not communicating with your team about what’s going on in your head

Everybody, repeat after me “COMMUNICATION IS KEY”. This is the most important skill any escape team has to have to actually escape. Time and time again we have spoken with groups after they complete a game and they all say the same thing, I wish I had just said my idea out loud.

At Time’s Up no idea is a bad idea, unless it’s to break something – please don’t do that, (Daniela will cry).

Not asking for clues at the right time

I know we said the others were big mistakes, but this one takes the cake. You’ve got to ask for clues.

Groups think that asking for clues is cheating and that if they ask for a clue it will somehow affect their experience of the game. But the thing is, we have clues for a reason so it’s 1. not cheating by definition, and 2. designed to help you keep momentum not to discredit you.

If you’re stuck on a puzzle for a really long time, you’re just watching the seconds tick by without making any progress and getting further and further behind. Just swallow your pride and ask for a clue – we won’t think of you any less.

Giving up too early

Every minute counts in escape rooms, which means don’t give up until the last second!

Many groups think because they only have a few minutes left that they shouldn’t keep trying and solve that one last puzzle. Many evenings are spent in the Game Master lair cheering you on and begging you to not give up when we see you so close! Never Give up! Never surrender!

Our Perth Escape Rooms


Serial Killers Apartment

2 – 6 players

Great for beginners

Escape Rate: 65%

nightfall escape room


Medieval Castle Rescue Mission

2 – 6 players

Great for experienced escape room players

Escape Rate: 41%

Bunbury Escape Room


Wild Western Mounty’s Office

2 – 8 players

Great for larger groups and players who have played 1 or 2 escape games before.

Escape Rate: 45%

Ruins Escape Game


Ancient Aztec Temple 

2 -6 players 

Great for the whole family. 

Escape Rate: 51%

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