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 We could list over 100 reasons, but we’ll keep this short and sweet! Before we get started let’s make sure you know what an Escape Rooms is. The people over at Escape-Kits describes it as; 

a popular activity which can be played by several participants. Locked in a room symbolising a closed place (a castle, a pirate ship, an Egyptian pyramid, a prison, a distant planet, etc.), the participants must work together to investigate and solve the puzzles that will allow them to escape in a limited time.

And we couldn’t agree more! Now let’s get into WHY you should escape this game. 

1. Unique Experience
There’s nothing quite like purposely getting locked in a room and figuring out how to escape. Each room is unique, with its own puzzles and story to really get immersed in.


2. Builds Relationships
Communication is key to all escape rooms! Locked in a room with other people for a whole hour really makes you figure out how everyone can work as a team.


3. Get Creative
Some puzzles require team work, while others require specific skills or knowledge. Escape rooms let you show off your unusual talents and skills!


4. Start Thinking
Escape rooms are a great activity for the brain. Instead of staring at a screen for 2 hours, you’re building communication, problem solving, and team work skills.


5. Themed Adventure
Have you ever wanted to solve a murder mystery? Maybe save a kingdom from doom? Or maybe you want to explore an ancient Temple? Escape rooms have a vast variety of themes you can get lost in!


If you’re struggling to choose a room, our friendly staff are happy to assist.
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 What players love about Escape Rooms…

That they are different to all other activities available, nothing compares to an Escape Room

The mental challenge and theme of the room

The mystery of it all! You never know what you are going to find yourself in, stepping into a game.

The opportunity to think outside the box!

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