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You and a few friends are locked in a room and you have to solve puzzles to escape. Sounds a bit intimidating doesn’t it? That’s why we want to bust some common myths and misconceptions people have about our Perth escape rooms.

Chains and padlock on an old door

Myth #1 – All Escape Rooms are small cramped dark spaces

FALSE! Not all rooms are cramped and dim – it really depends on the theme. It would make sense for a serial killer to live in a creepy little den but when the theme is Wild West, there’s no need!

Our Perth Escape Rooms vary in size, from 16sqm to 25sqm. We even have rooms with windows. You’re also never truly locked in, we have safety mechanisms in our rooms so you can get out at any time.

Myth #2 – Escape Rooms are not suitable for people who suffer with Claustrophobia

BUSTED – We believe our escape rooms are Claustrophobia-friendly, and they can still be enjoyed by people suffering from Claustrophobia. 

Let us tell you why…

  1. We can leave the door open
  2. All our rooms are the size of a kids bedroom – plenty of space to move around
  3. You can leave the room at any time
  4. You are with your friends or family
  5. Escape Rooms are FUN!

None of our escape rooms require you to crawl through tunnels or under anything either, nor do we lock you in small spaces by yourself. Of course, if you’re worried that you or your child might still feel claustrophobic, we encourage you to come and have a look at the rooms for yourself before you book so you can see for yourself.

Perth Escape Room

Myth #3 – Escape Rooms are all difficult

FALSE! Escape Rooms come in all different sizes and difficulty levels. It’s important to check what the difficulty level is of the room you are wanting to complete before booking.

Another great idea is to check the record times for the rooms, this is a great indicator of how easy or difficult the room can be. On the Time’s Up website we provide a difficulty level and a recommendation for the type of group that room would be appropriate for. 

It’s also handy to note that the difficulty can sometimes be influenced by the team you’re escaping with! A team that works together like a machine will breeze through a room easier than a team that clash and argue. Plus, a good team can tackle any room using each others’ strengths. Moral of the story, pick your team well!

escape room myths

Myth #4 – Escapees are left to defend for themselves.

FALSE! Some people think they won’t be good at escape rooms and will be stuck in the room, but this isn’t the case. This is why we have Game Masters. Your Game Master is your go to person for any questions or clues you might need. We have CCTV set up for all our rooms to provide players with fast clues if they get stuck. Some escape rooms will only give you a few clues, but at Time’s Up we give you unlimited clues so you don’t need to worry about using them all! We usually recommend asking for a clue if you’ve been stuck on a puzzle for about 5 minutes – there’s nothing worse than getting stuck on one clue and not progressing through the game!

Myth #5 – Escape rooms are dangerous because you are locked in

BUSTED! All Escape Rooms in Australia must either have an emergency exit button or they cannot lock their doors. 

Here at Time’s Up we use Emergency Exit buttons for our exit doors, giving players the peace of mind that they have a way out no matter what happens. We also have safety mechanisms on any restraints or rooms so you won’t be trapped (for real). We also have behind the scenes controls of the rooms so if something gets stuck we can let you out. 

Most people think of the movie Saw when you say Escape Room, we promise that you won’t be required to saw off a leg or arm or swim through a pool of needles to escape our rooms. 

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