Crime Scene Investigation

Printable Escape Game Kit

Location - Clue

The Word Search will lead you to this answer

Location - Answer

Central Park

Time - Clue

The coin value gives you the minutes. The arrow shows that its ‘before’

Time - Answer

Quarter to 4 or 3:45

Date - Clue

Crime Scene Report

Date - Answer


Suspects Name - Clue


Suspects Name - Answer

Charles Manson

Suspect No - Clue

Crime Scene photos and suspect mug shot. Which suspect has the same features as items from from the photos.

Suspect No - Answer

The murdered was suspect no. 6

Treasure Hunt


Country - Clues

Dechiper the lost language of the Triste people on page 1.

Country - Answer


Location on Map - Clue

This reptile moves faster in water than on land

Location on Map - Answer


Maze - Answer

Treasure Chest - Clue

You will need to cut out the grey squares. Once you have holes place the sheet ontop of page 7. 

Treasure Chest - Answer

Scroll, Hook, Diamond, Monocular

1920's Prohibition

Prohibition escape room

Location - Clue

Find which letter is represented by the number

Location - Answer

Chumley’s, 86 Bedford St

Date - Clue

The wine bottles give you the day. Use the calendar and the wine glass for the date. Which week does the wine in the wine glass  line up to?

Date - Answer

Friday, 13th February 1922

Time - Clue

Covert the imgaes into words and add or subtract the letters given.

Time - Answer


Password - Clue

Read the newspaper article. Pay close attention to what may be different.

Password - Answer

Barry Sent Me

O.F.H Secret Society

Secret Society printable game

Building Name - Clue

My treasures are golden and guarded by thousands amongst a maze no man can enter’

Which icon on the map matches the riddle?

Building - Answer

Royal Exhibition Building – Melbourne 

(The Beehive)

Meeting Date - Clue

Use the invitation and the email from the location to find the date. 

(If you haven’t received an email, please check the map deatils)

Meeting Date - Answer

Tuesday, 18th February

Meeting Time - Clue

 The missing lines are what will give you the answer

Meeting Time - Answer

14:35 or 2:35pm

Room No. - Clue

Using both the blueprint of the venue as well as the booking sheet – which room has all requirements?

Room No. - Answer

Room No C157

Password - Clue

Finish the hangman on the booking sheet

Password - Answer


(All lower case)

Initiation: #1 Rule - Clue

Decipher the writing on the post card using A = E

Initiation: #1 Rule - Answer

Invited Guests Come Alone

Initiation: Year Established - Clue

Newspaper article – Term: Word or Phrase

Eleveth word

Initiation: Year Established - Answer


Initiation: Founding Members - Clue 1

The post cards have words matching the the images from this page: 

Initiation: Founding Members - Clue 2

Each post card has 4 matching words to images. Unscramble the letters you have from the 4 images. Each set of 4 images will give you a name. 

Extra hint: one of the names starts with: THE

Initiation: Founding Members - Answer

William Orange

The Reverend 

Initiation: Name of Order - Clue

Crossword Puzzle – 7 across: Fallen

Initiation: Name of Order - Answer

Order of Fallen Heroes


Congrats you have passed the initiation and will now be welcomed into the society!