grinchmare before christmas

It’s two days before Christmas, and the deadlines are close; A halt in production would leave Santa morose!

But the factory’s in ruins, and there goes the Grinch; He broke our machines leaving us in a pinch!

Now it’s all up to you, little sleep-deprived elves, to get everything working, all by yourselves.

2-6 Players     60 minutes         61% escape rate

Recommended for families with younger kids

What escapees are saying about Grinchmare before christmas

Myself and my partner Si did the Grinchmare Before Christmas challenge today. It was our first ever escape room and it was so fun! Challenging but we made it! Staff were super lovely too, we will definitely come back to try out their other rooms!


Escaped from the Grinchmare Before Christmas room tonight and it was amazing! The puzzles were so unique from what I’ve seen in other rooms, and I loved the Christmas theming, it was adorable. Staff were super friendly, and gave helpful clues when needed. Thanks guys!