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If you have never paid someone to lock you in a room with the intention of attempting to escape within 60 minutes, where have you been? From 9 to 99 anyone can have a go at cracking our codes.

We know that picking a room can be your first challenge, especially if you’ve never done a game before. There are so many factors to consider, the difficulty level, the theme, is it going to be scary or will I be able to bring my children.

Each room is built with unique puzzles and a storyline which means that choosing the right room for your team is vital to ensure a fun and memorable experience for everyone. Here are some guidelines from our game masters on which room you should pick.


Time’s Up is the only place in Bunbury you can have this unique experience, there are currently 4 rooms available with various difficulties. Below are some tips to help you choose which room is right for you!

If you have never heard of the term Escape Room but are curious to find out what all the fuss is about, Triad is the room for you! This is our easiest room available, and we recommend anyone doing their first room to start here.

Triad: Your team of detectives will go to any length to find the journal of the murdered Triad Leader. This vital piece of evidence is suspected to be hidden in his old shop, so you have broken in without a search warrant. Silent alarms have alerted his crew, they will arrive in 45 minutes to stop you!


So, you’ve tried an escape room or two and maybe even successfully escaped. Temple or Trapped would be best suited for you!

Temple: After searching for the Xibalba temple for years, your team has finally come across the entrance! However, the locals aren’t to pleased with your discovery, you have 60 minutes before they arrive and stop you at any cost.

Trapped: Disappointed with the local authorities for not finding Suzie, your friend that has been missing for months, you have decided to try find her on your own. However, after waking up in the killer’s basement, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…


If you’ve had enough experience and feel confident, Shipwreck is our hardest room available.

Shipwreck: The Darkfate is an abandoned spaceship filled with explosives, and it’s heading straight towards Earth! Collision is imminent, you and your team are dispatched to save the planet, hopefully there are no other surprises on board…


With so many options in Perth it can be hard to decide which room to try first! We’ve made it easy to choose, keep reading to find out which room we should lock you in…


Beginners have 2 choices, lucky you!

Pursuit: An anonymous tip leads you into the apartment of a serial killer, you need to work together to solve his riddles. “HCK” has a fascination with letters, so you’ll need to pay close attention in Pursuit if you want to escape!

Ruins: Your team has been thinking of visiting the ancient Maya city-state of Tikal for years, and now you have finally made it! Upon entering, an earthquake hits and has blocked your exit! The only way out… is through.


So, you’ve solved a few puzzles and escaped a few rooms, now for the real test…

Wanted: Your gang has finally been captured, and now the Sheriff is making history out of your upcoming execution. Listening to his speech to the crowd, you know you must escape in the next hour if you want to survive.


For the experienced escape artists, this one is for you!

Knightfall: You are the last of the Royal Guard, sworn to protect the realm. The king has been slaughtered, and now the royal sword has been manipulated to destroy instead of healing. Will you run and hide, or save the land?

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