There was a time when magic was as real as gravity. When monsters, magicians and mystical creatures stalked the earth. Some of those creatures – goblins – built great and powerful portals into the future, leaving their best and brightest to guard them.

Well, one of those sharp-nosed Gate Keepers just fell asleep on the job. Now, ancient monsters far more horrifying than goblins are roaming the streets!

Find the Gate Crystals, find the Gate, and for the love of David Bowie, do it in 60 minutes!

2-4 Players     60 minutes         63% completion rate

Recommended for kids of all ages

Please note this is a scavenger hunt like game, where teams will venture out from Time’s Up around the Wanneroo City Centre to solve puzzles and collect items. Each team will be issued with an Ipad and Action pack to begin with.

Once you arrive for your mission you will be set up with an iPad and action pack. After the safety briefing you will be given your assignment and the clock begins.

Please note that this outdoor game takes you on approximately a 1km walk. However, there are plenty of opportunities for a break throughout if required.

Don’t forget, after 60 minutes it’s game over. You’ll then head back to Time’s Up for debrief.

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