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A little bit about the program

Our Ambassador Program started in early 2021, with the mission to spread the love of Escape Rooms to all of Perth. The program has an initial 3 month contract for escape room lovers, influencers and many more to have the chance to not only spread the word of Escape Rooms to everyone but also earn some $$$ while doing it.

Ambassadors are giving a commision for each booking someone makes through our Affiliates Program, an easy 2 step registration on our website.

With new services and products being announced every few months, Ambassadors are given the opportunity to choose from a range of services they would like to endorse. We provide social media templates and a platform to engage in Q&A’s and much more!


What we offer

We knew that most people would rather hear from a friend or family member about a product or service, so we wanted to build a network of ambassadors you can trust to share what we have to offer.

As an official Time’s Up Ambassador you will receive:

  • Ambassadors Pack
  • Digital Brand Pack
  • Info cards for each Time’s Up room
  • Time’s Up Gift Voucher
  • Discount code for followers
  • First dibs to test any new games
  • Commission from sales using your unique code

We start each Ambassadors journey with a meet and greet. This gives both us and the new ambassadors to get to know each other, ask questions and learn more about Time’s Up. Our first meet & greet was amazing, we enjoyed meeting our 3 initial ambassadors, snacking on some Cafe Elixir food and watching them escape from our Wanted room.

As we expand and we have people from all over the world joining the program it would be monumental to gather all our Ambassadors in our original location for everyone to network and share how they became a Time’s Up Ambassador.

ambassadors in escape room
Time's Up Team


Since becoming one of Times Up Escape Room’s first ambassadors for 2021, this mini, quick and easy job has been nothing short of fun, exciting and honestly, much like a little family! You get to meet and network with new and different people, try out a super cool escape room and provided awesome offers and opportunities from Daniela and Catie all while promoting their company. Trust me, if anyone deserves the time and recognition, it’s them through and through.

PS. Us ambassadors also got a little gift bag too!

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of #teamtimesup


Perth Ambassador


As a Times Up escape room ambassador I get to spend my time having fun, and showing people how they can have fun too. I decided to accept the ambassador role as I am a big kid at heart and couldn’t resist the excitement and the challenges.

What is more satisfying than solving a mystery or puzzle? ….Doing it with friends of course!

Think outside of the box, not everything is as it seems!

I can’t wait to be challenged with the new room coming soon. The best way to enjoy these rooms is to make an event out of it. Go and have food and drinks afterwards so you can recount how you escaped…. or did you get locked in forever?

I have escaped from three rooms so far one of them with just 2 seconds to spare. The first time I ever did a room I had no idea what to expect, there was a large group of us so we split into two teams which gave us the added challenge of escaping before the other team did. I was hooked and have come back over and over again to do the other rooms.

Get addicted like me and get the ol’ brain cells working by cracking codes, finding keys, and solving puzzles

Ambassador Perth
Time's Up Ambassador


‘‘I love escape room and I being an ambassador for Time’s Up is amazing. Watching them grow and seeing them interact and teasing various things has giving me excitement and enthusiasm for what will happen in the future. From personal experience, I have been involved with a lot of clubs and groups that slowly dies out and it gives me a level of sadness and regret. So being involved with something that is rising gives me hope. Not only that, but them making a blog is something that I genuinely love and looking forward to reading them. The problem is less from their side, but more my side. The thing that is that I do not know if anyone has been using my coupon code and I have no idea if I am getting people into Time’s Up Escape Rooms, which means that I do not get paid. Also, I would just love to interact more with the group and do more than just advertise their products. I think that the main issue has been the two lockdown weeks, where I did not feel confident if my friends and my community would be comfortable with going around Perth while worrying about another lockdown or virus outbreak. However, as thing a returning to normal, I have ideas to trying and getting more people interested in your escape rooms.’’

Want to become a Time’s Up Ambassador? Right this way! 👉

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