You have been led to an apartment by an anonymous caller, tipping you off with the location of the elusive ‘HCK’ serial killer, whom you have been after for 8 months.

You arrive at the address; the door is slightly ajar. Knowing he may have a hostage, and eager to catch the killer off guard, you foolishly enter the premises without back up. The door slams behind you! You’re trapped!

2-6 Players     60 minutes         65% escape rate

Recommended for kids aged 15 and older

What escapees are saying about The Pursuit

We loved our experience here, we did “The Persuit” and were really impressed by how many levels there were to the puzzle


Great first experience with an escape room! Cannot wait for next time! Lovely staff and a wonderful family experience working together as a team. Highly recommend! We did The Pursuit game with our 13 and 10 year olds and they came out very happy with themselves for what they had managed to solve.