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Say “no” to boring

Gone are the days of corporate team building exercises where you blindfold your colleagues and guide them through an obscure and pointless obstacle course – or worse, the dreaded trust fall. These team building exercises may seem good in theory to learn to trust your colleagues, but in my experience, there haven’t been too many circumstances where i’ve needed my colleagues to catch me off an elevated platform, nor have i been blinded in the workplace and needed my manager to guide me to the first aid kit using only words… or is that just me?

So what is it?

Escape rooms are a fun, new and constructive way to build team bonds, work on communication styles and learn to work together. At Time’s Up we even offer group discounts on corporate teams so your whole team can play.

So why are escape rooms better? Let me tell you:

  1. Escape rooms require everyone to work together to solve a common problem
  2. There is time pressure to escape, similar to the workplace where you might have to solve an issue with a deadline – perhaps not an hour but it definitely keeps you on track
  3. You feel like you’re part of something bigger, and completing a room gives you the opportunity to work together instead of competing against each other
  4. Put your communication styles to the test between colleagues – mix your groups to have a team of mixed communication styles so you can all learn to work together harmoniously
  5. Build a unique bond with your team once you get out – afterall, you couldn’t have done it without them
  6. Escape rooms aren’t just for kids! We have different themed rooms at different difficulties so you can really challenge yourselves

What more do you need? Get over here and escape! Here, let me make it easy for you, book right here!

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