The saloon and shops are closing up; people are starting to come out of their homes;  the town is gathering, and the crowds are getting louder. You can hear excitement building outside.

The gallows creak as the hangman paces back and forth.

Tom Jackson, the sheriff, is making history: he’s the man that finally caught you and your gang. While he speaks to the growing mass of townsfolk, warming them up for your execution, you know that you have to hurry if you’re going to live past the next hour.

2-8 Players     60 minutes         45% escape rate

What escapees are saying about Wanted

I did the Wanted room with a friend and found the theme to be extremely immersive and the mechanics of the puzzles to be well thought out and intuitive. I have been to 3 other escape room venues and Times Up is my favourite!!!


Great fun! ‘Wanted’ room got us thinking. Will go back to tackle another room.